The House

The House 2

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The House 2

The House 2 is the sequel to the very popular The House game. It is one of the most scariest, creepiest but very popular point and click game you have ever seen. The House 3 will even be more scarier.

This sequel is again about the house, do you dare to enter this cursed house? The local people think that this house is haunted so your job is to find out what is going on and what has happened. Do you want to look inside? This awesome point and click adventure The House 2 has some scary moments as well. If you like all the scary stuff in these online scary games then you have to play it. We also got a walkthrough, it guides you through the game if you do not know what to do. But try the game yourself first, before you read the house 2 walktrough.

For an even more scarier experience turn off the lights and play this game at night. Your job is to figure out what has happend, play this game using the mouse click and find out. Sometimes you have to click a lot of times at the same object, keep that in mind. Brace yourself for all kinds of creepy animations and scary moments. This is not a game for younger kids, so only play it if you are not scared. Have fun playing this TheHouse 2 game!

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