Alien Truck

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Alien Truck

Alien Truck game, you have to drive this truck on an other planet. The alien planet is covered with stones that are radio active. The Aliens force are using the stones to retrieve energy from it. You have to supply their energy power plant. Drive this awesome truck carefully so you can take all the gems to the destination.

When the game starts you first have to wait while the truck is loading. If all the alien gems are loaded you will see the that the light will turn green, that means you can drive. Use the arrow keys to control this alien truck, the up arrow to speed, down is to brake and the left and right arrow keys are to balance your truck.

The people who like to play Ben 10 games on now gamez will also like this game, since it is about aliens too. So you can think that Ben10 is driving in this online truck game. Can you complete all the levels in this truckgame? If you like playing truck games check the other gamez on as well, like tow truck games and truck mania 2 and truck mania 3 awesome gamez too!

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