Animal Truck

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Animal Truck

You are about to play this cargo truck game which is called Animal Truck. In this online game your new job is to deliver the animal toys as fast as you can to the kindergarten in town. This is a awesome online truck game for kids, it has got 10 levels of excitement. Deliver these animal toys from the big toy factory to the kindergarten at the other end of each level.

Do you love these kind of Semi truck games? The ones where you have to deliver the cargo on time? Then this is the online game for you. Make sure you do not loose the cargo, because if you do, you need to start the level again. This game wiell test your driving skills, are you good enough to bring all the toys to the kindergarten? Be careful, watch out for steep hills so you must quickly but drive carefully too. It is really a crazy truck game, which is a lot of fun for kids to play.

Drive the animal truck with the arrow keys and use the lean forward and backward arrows if the hills are getting too steep. Delivery truck games are fun to play when you are bored at school. For each animal toy you can deliver at the other end you will score points. And when you complete level 10 you are able to submit your score, then you can see if your driving skills are good compared to many other players. This Animal truck game is specially brought to you by it is an exclusive game by Now Gamez. And it is recommended when you like to play truck delivery games and online truck games. Good luck and have fun, start your journey now!

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