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Miley Cyrus Spa-tacular sleepover

Miley and Lilly Spa-Tacular Sleepover. A game containing 3 free online games with your popstars Hannah Montana and her friend lilly. One game is the Roomy Room re-do, where you must help Miley and Lilly to decorate the room of Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana in the tv dvd series) for their special Spa-Tacular sleepover! Choose the furniture, be creative with all the decorations and make this sleepover totally awesome! The other Hannah Montana Games are Miley Malibu Manicure and Beauty and the Beat. The Miley Cyrus game Miley Malibu Manicure is fun if you want to give Miley or Lilly a make over. Choose a shade of polish, choose beautiful rings and decorate with decals and other nail accessories. The 3rd of those Hannah Montana Games is the Beauty and the Beat featuring Miley Cyrus and Lilly. The slumber party is not complete without doing the hair and makeup. In this game you can Rock with miley and Lilly, in this memory kinda game. Really nice game if you like Miley Cyrus Games.


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