Police Truck

Police Truck

Police Truck game this police game offers you some great fun. Drive a big police-truck around the various levels. At night time some people found aliens that came from outer space. They managed to captured them and are now in the police station in a small town. They want to investigate them closer, so now you have to bring them to the special laboratory which is located at the other side of the town.

They put them in crates so they can not escape, you have to drive a truck with these aliens in the back of it. Hurry up and drive as fast as you can, but also be careful otherwise they will fall off. In the left corner you will see a timer running, make sure you reach the destination before it reaches 0.

Control this police truck by usint the arrow keys, to brake you must press the spacebar. Enjoy and compete all 7 levels in this policegame, every level will be a little bit more difficult. Show us that you can you complete this mission and bring the boxes to the other end.

Are you searching for truck games for kids and also for police games for kids? Well then stop looking this is the ultimate combination of both. We at have developed this truckgame and we are proud to present this game exclusively to you.

But feel free to add this new game by on your own website. If you have a special website for free truck games or with police games then this game would do very good. But if you have any other game/arcade related sites it will be a good free game too! Of course you can also post a link to this game on your favorite social media sites.

If you like playing this game, then also check the other truck games as well. We will list a couple of great suggestions at the bottom of this page. Well, start to play and enjoy the drive and good luck beating the current record time!

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