The House

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The House

Only play The House if you like scary games. Because The House 1 and The House 2 games might be scary, but they are very popular to play. The House 3 will be even more creepy!

Once there was a famous legend about this house, you need to figure out what has happened. It is standing in a small town somewhere very remote, it is completely empty and also closed for decades now. In The House a very rich family was living, but for some reason one day they all disappeard. Then their neighbors closed the house for good. And they also believe that thehouse has a curse. Some people still can hear all kinds of sounds and even screaming from that creepy house. The choice is yours, do you dare to enter The House by yourself? It is a simple but very cool free online game, it can be very scary though. It is easy to play, it is a point and click game with your computer mouse.

Your job is to complete all the rooms, do that by clicking all the items you see. It features great sounds and animations and of course a very creepy and scary atmosphere (play it in the dark for even more exitement). When you do not have a clue where to click, just keep clicking randomly to find out (and several times on the same item).

Do you like creepy games and scary games? In that case this TheHouse Game is a great online games for you to play. Find out the mystery and complete all the rooms. If you can not figure it out, we have a walkthrough available. This The house walktrough has got all the answers if you are looking for cheats.

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