Street Sesh

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Street Sesh

Street Sesh is a great scateboard game you can play for free without downloading. If you like to play skateboard games well then you have to try this one, it is an awesome game with a lot of cool features. This Street Sesh game is all made in 3d, perform all kinds of cool stunts and tricks while skateboarding. The skater you need to control will follow your directions, but it can be difficult sometimes, especially when you want to do the special tricks. Your task is to guide him through the course which are build in the middle of the city streets. Now you can jump over cars, bushes and even busses that are parked in the streets. You can jump higher if you use the raps that you will find everywhere.

This cool skateboard game online has got a lot of neat features, when you press the X key while you are flying in the air, your skater will do a cool 360 trick! The street sesh games series can bring you the ultimate 3d experience, this time in the original streetsesh skateboard game on

When you are done playing this this original street sesh game, then we suggest you also should try the 2nd one in the series: street sesh 2. The 2nd release is really nice too. Start playing this 3d game and get your scateboard ready to do some cool stunts.

The left and right arrow keys can be used to steer, the up arrow key to accelerate.
While in the air:
Z key = a Kickflip
X key = do a 360 Flip

tricks on the ground:
Z for a 50-50
X for a Tail slide
Press the down arrow for a cool Powerslide

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