Operation L.O.A.D

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Operation L.O.A.D

Operation LOAD is a space game, protect the missile robot throughout all 4 levels. This space shooter game has got some amazing graphics and handling. You must protect the big missle so it can destroy the enemy planet in one of the greatest shooting games and space games combined.

So first launch it then attack and destroy the enemies you will encounter in this game. The controls are with the mouse or with your keyboard. Drag the mouse or press the WASD keys to move. To shoot you can use the left mouse button or use the shift key. You can also dodge the enemy attacks, use your boost to gain extra power.

Free shooting games are very popular at the moment, this is a great example if you are looking for online shooting games. So operation L.O.A.D is about lauch, orbit, attack and destroy. Click anywhere to shoot the laser beam. Press the pause button to see which other special moves and abilities you can do within the game.

In this cool shooting game you can also upgrade, melee level 2 will give you stronger physical attack. The rockets can give you special T07 rockets too. The spin shot gives you lasers that can fire in 8 directions. The special bomb in this game can be used to hit all enemies on the screen in 1 shot. Good luck with this fun and free robot and space game. Have fun!

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