Brave Astronaut

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Brave Astronaut

Brave astronaut, in this game you must help a brave astronaut to defeat all the aliens invading our space area. Do that by shooting at these cute aliens with 3 different color bullets. Using your special weapon, which shoots 3 different color balls (1 color at a time). This is a physics game, it is fun to play when you are bored.

Is is an addictive game that can be played with both your mouse or keyboard, choose the one you prefer. In the topleft corner of the game screen you see the menu which you can click. The aliens can be destroyed and defeated only by using the right color balls. The red bullets to shoot the red aliens, the blue bullets to shoot these blue aliens and of course the green balls for the green alien. Selecting the colors can be done by clicking on it in the middle of the top screen or by pressing the 1 or 2 or 3 keys on your keyboard.

Shooting games are addictive and very fun to play, make sure you play this one if you like these kind of shooting games online. This brave astronaut game is a kids game so it can be played by kids. For other kids games online for free you can also check our many other gamez on Now Gamez. Good luck playing this fun free game!

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