Story Of A Hero

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Story Of A Hero

Story of a hero is a funny tower defense game fully packed with cool monsters. This tower defence game you are playing the hero who must fight these alien monsters. Just like in many other tower defense games your job is to build a very good defense of towers, so that they will not reach the end. Build turrets that can shoot these little aliens that are walking toward the city. You can use your mouse to play the game, select and place the buildings where you want. Your little helper is the hero of the game, that is where the story is all about. This little hero can walk towards them and will try to defeat them as well.

Tower defence games are very cool and addictive to play, if you start playing you want to win all the waves. The hero has abilities that you can see in the gamescreen too. Control the hero by clicking somewhere on the path, he walks to that point. We hope you will enjoy this adventure in the world of fantasy with unique characters and lots of cool looking enemies. When you click on one of the alien monsters you will see some information about him so you can improve the towers needed.

When the game begins you receive gold to buy and build the first towers. Choose them at the left bottom of the screen. There are various types you can choose, the more expensive towers are better but you will have to earn money first. When you like playing this awesome online game, check the famous bloons tower defense games too, they are really addictive too. This and many other tower defence games can be found at Now Gamez.

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