Batman mystery of the Batwoman

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Batman mystery of the Batwoman

Batman mystery of the Batwoman game is a awesome Batman Games to play online. This Batman game for kids is great, this time bat man is in the chase to get back the mysterious Batwoman (not catwomen). Your hero will try to get her back where see belongs, she is the big love of batmen so he really wants her back. This unknown Batwoman is perhaps the future girlfriend of batman. There is only one problem, Bat woman has been caught she is held as a prisoner by the penguins gang. They have her and not letting her go, they are keeping her locked up somewhere. We at NowGamez really hope you can save her.

Now in this on line game your task is to help the ultimate batman beyond games to find her and save her. And also take down these enemies who kept her. You have to fight your way through the penguin gang and these other henchmen. But they are trying to stop you so be carefull. Like in many other batmangames this game has got a lot of action, you can run around in the various levels, jump on all kind of things and fight the villains.

So please help Batman to save her as quick as you can from these guys, then you can perhaps uncover her mask to see who see really is. Can you save her and then know her true identity of this unknown batwoman? Be carefull because there are more then 10 batman enemies trying to get you too. Now Gamez recommends this free online game to all the fans and othe people who like to play free batman games for kids or other batman spelletjes. The gameplay of this batman game is easy, you will just need some keys to press. You can run with the right and left arrow keys. You can let the hero Batman Jump with the up-arrow key. Dodge with the down arrow key. Press the CTRL-key to punch with your hands in this batman gams and when you want to do a jump-kick press the up-arrow and CTRL key together. The batrope can be used by pressing the spacebar in this great batman game. We hope you will enjoy playing this awesome free game. Also play some of the other Batman Games we present on NowGamez, enjoy this batman mystery of the batwoman game!

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