Batman difference

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Batman difference

Batman difference detector is a batman game in which your job is to find the differences in the 2 pictures shown. In this batmangame you find a lot of cool pictures from the famous episode: Game over for owlman. Did you see that one on tv?

Well, for all the bat man fans out there, this is a great game to play. At the left and one on the right side you will see 2 pictures. Your task is to point your mouse pointer on these places you think are different from each other, there are 3 or 5 things missing in one photo. But do not click everywhere otherwise you will loose points. For example to give you a hint, you will see that his eyes and fingers are not always the same.

The spot the difference games are very popular by kids. So we hope you will like this batmangams too and also check all the other batman games for kids on now gamez because we got a huge collection, so play them all! Start the game now and see if you can find all the differences in these pics.

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