Ben 10 Power Shot

Ben 10 power shot game, a funny Ben 10 game to play online. Collect power and shoot the laser beams from your watch. Shoot the vilgax enemies to score pionts. Complete all levels within the time and without the laser beams running out. Use your magic Benten watch to shoot the laser arrows. Ben 10 is waiting for your help in this online Ben 10 game. Use the mouse to move and point where to shoot. Vil gax is ben tens enemy so try to beat him. Ben 10 Power Shot is a great game if you are a Benten fan! Remember has the best Ben 10 games online like this Ben 10 Powershot Game! Use your skills and try to help Ben 10 achieve his goals. This time he has to shoot all the balloons with his arrows. Aim as best as you possible can and try to shoot accurately.
Ben 10 Power Shot

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