Ben 10 Fishing Pro

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Ben 10 Fishing Pro

Ben 10 fishing game pro, this is arelax benten game. Gwen 10 is together with Ben 10 in a boat fishing, they try to catch some fish for diner. Gwen is steering the boat forward and backward while benten is doing the fishing for some really big fish. This game features a lot of cool levels, each level with a new task to complete. It will be showed before you start playing the next level. Your job is to help Gwen 10 and Ben 10 to cath the fish, as much as they can! We at loved playing this fishing game, that is why we added it to so you can also play it and have some fun.

Control and steer the boat to the left and right with the arrow keys, Gwen10 will then move to the left or right. That way Ben1o can do some catching in the best position. Control ben1o0 too, this can be done by pressing the down arrow on the keyboard. You might find it hard to cath some fish, but you will learn after some practice were you have to aim.

The boat is running on fuel so when you are moving too much, you can run out of fuel so be wise to use it. A indication meter (top right) shows how much fuel you still have left. The gameplay in this ben 10 fishing games is really nice and easy, there is a cool boat and some really big fish. It is a relaxing game now you do not have to chase an ultimate alien or Vilgax, just do some fishing together with your cousin Gwen 10.

We hope you like playing this ben 10 spiele and other ben 10 spelletjes we have at Now Gamez. If you like this ben1o game please let your friends know about it too. Well enjoy playing ben10gamestoplay and all the other ben 10 gams we offer you.

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