Ben 10 Treasure Hunter

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Ben 10 Treasure Hunter

Ben 10 Treasure Hunter game is a great adventure in which you have to help Ben ten. Play this game and run through the caves of a big mountain. In this ben 10 game your hero Ben has discovered a very old and mythical treasure. He has found this secret treasure when he was exploring the caves of a mountain, story goes that it has been there for centuries. Is must be worth a lot of money, so he wants to get it out there. Just like in all Ben 10 Games in this one is your hero, Ben1o, the main character.

In this game you have to help Ben, he is trying to find where he can the exit the caves. But he needs your help to jump over the holes. You can let him jump by pressing the left mouse button. If you press the button longer then Benten will jump higher. has selected this game specially for kids who love to play gamez. Ben10 is running automatically, you only need to jump on the right time to jump over the holes and other obstacles. There are also coins to collect, like you know from the mario games, score extra points if you collect them.

The main goal of this ben-10 adventure game is to run as far as you can without falling. The score is calculated by the distance you can run plus the number of coins you have collected. Combined it will give you your total score. When you really like to play ben 10 games and looking for some fun and adventure, we at now gamez recommend you try this one.

Enjoy and play ben 10, you need to help him to get the very old and expensive treasure out of these caves. But be carefull do not let ben10 fall. At nowgamez we have got loads of ben10 games so make sure you check them out too if you played this benten game.

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