Ben 10 Super Skate

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Ben 10 Super Skate

Ben 10 super skate is a cool skate boarding game with Ben ten on a special skateboard with alien force powers. When you like Ben 10 games at and skating games this is the ultimate online game for you. Start using the left and right arrow keys to move in the appropiate direction until ben1o0 can jump into the air from the ramp.

Once Ben10 is in the air then you must press the up arrow key to increase the speed and height to reach even higher levels. When benten is about to fall down again, press the down arrow key to increase the speed again (untill he reaches the ramp again). When Ben 10 is back on the ramp again use the left or right arrow key (depending on the direction ben ten is going).

If you do this various times you will reach higher every jump. You will get 3 tries to reach into the big air, you can even fly so high that you will see the moon and sattelites. The 3 tries will add up and that will be your final score.

This ben 10 skating game on is fun to play and addictive because you want to reach as high as possible. How far can you reach with ben1o 1000m, 2000m, 3000m or even 5000m? Show us your super skate skills with this special alien force skate board. We hope you enjoy this and all the other ben10gams, these ben10 gams are very popular at now gamez.

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