Ben 10 Stunts

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Ben 10 Stunts

Ben 10 stunts, this game is featuring your hero Ben 10 who has to jump and do tricky stunts so he does not fall. Ben 10 games at nowgamez are really cool to play, I am sure that most kids will like this one. Because this game is all about your skill level, ben1o has to jump from one rock to the next rock, and of course without falling in the water. The further you manage to jump with your hero benten, the more points you get for your jumps.

To do these stunts you need to use the arrow keys on your keyboard. You must see if you can collect the power ups for more points. And when you can you jump onto the birds you will get even more bonus points. These powerup balls are the green ultimate alien balls floating into the air. You can control ben-10 back and forth using the arrow keys, you can also move ben 10 in the air to get the balls and jump on the rocks. If you are good the game will go faster, so the longer you play it the more difficult it will be. These birds are an extra 500 points worth, so make sure your hero jumps on them while they are flying by.

We at selected this awesome Ben 10 Stunts game especially for all the kids who like to play ben 10 games on Now Gamez. So start playing and jump while doing some crazy stunts with your hero Ben Ten!

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