Rescue The Band

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Rescue The Band

Play this cool online racing game now, race and have some fun with fast racing cars. In this game the band OK GO has been kidnapped, by some Swedish nycelharpists! Your job is to race along this narrow highway and catch and ram into the blue van when you see it. You must hurry because you need to save a member of their band, otherwise they can not do any stage performances anymore.

Be careful and watch out for your own car, do not damage it too much. If you see the engine burning you must hurry to pick up wrenches to repair your fast car. So the goal of this race game online (no download required) is to rescue rock from these Medieval doldrums, or otherwise the musical world might be doomed! This game is very cool too play, it has got a fast paced gameplay and all the things you need in a racegame, race against all kinds of cars.

For example: police cars, taxi cabs and many other. This game is a semi 3d car racing game, but it is a lot of fun to play and have a good time. The in game graphics of the cars and surroundings are very nicely too, well it is just an awesome car race game you can play exlusively on nowgamez to play. Now show use your driving skills and save the band members of OK GO? Start your car engine and lets find out if you can ram the blue van!

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