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Burnin Rubber 4

Burnin Rubber 4 is a new 3d racing game which can be played for free at NowGamez. Drive an awesome car called Burnin Rubber 4, drive it through this 3d city which is absolutely great. This is not your average car, this one is extremely fast and it has got some rockets and guns on it. This Burning Rubber 4 game will probably take some time to load, be patient while loading because it will be worth waiting.

Your mission is to complete all the challenges in this 3d race game, while driving in your armored car and shooting at all thing you see. You can unlock a range of new cars, but only if you have the money for it. The first level you will start with the famous yellow car so you can try to earn some money first to buy new upgrades. There are many hidden secrets you can discover in this 3d city you are racing. This free online game on now games is one of the coolest 3d car racing games, the in game graphics are just amazing.

Your first mission in this burninrubber 4 game is to find your safe house that is somewhere in the city. It is marked on your navigation map as a blue house icon. To drive (steer) this fast car you can use the arrow keys. If you press the shift button you can drift with the car. The Z key is your primary weapon, shoot normal bullets. Press the C key to look behind and the X key is your secondary weapon. You can reset the car by pressing the R. P is to pause the game and M is for the sound.

Racing 3d games on line are very cool to play, now this burning rubber 4 game is taking you to the extreme into the 3d racing experience. Start your engine and play this and the many other racing 3d games online now at


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