Burnin Rubber 2

Burnin Rubber 2 is a cool 3d racing game at Now Gamez. A recommended race game if you like playing racing 3d games! In this 3d race game it is all about speed and racing trough some amazing cities. Collect points and bonus items around the city. If you have enough points you can unlock new cars and also new tracks. If you cross the finish or wreck (crash) your car then the race is over.

To drive these great cars in Burnin Rubber 2 you must use the arrow keys, you can own the road if you master the controls! To brake use the shift or space bar. In this cool 3d car game there are various options you can do and/or collect. The nitro boost will give you an extra turbo boost for temporary extra speed. Collect the car repair icons if your car is damaged. When you see points floating in the air try to catch them. If you have earned enough points you can unlock some amazing new cars. Use the ramps for the hard to reach places.

Try to finish the race in first position for some extra bonus points in this awesome Burning Rubber 2 game. At nowgamez we got all the burning rubber games, so when you like to play more free online 3d racing games just search for them. For now enjoy this 3d race game and burn some rubber in Burnin Rubber 2!

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