Mario Star Scramble

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Mario Star Scramble

Mario Star Scramble game this is like the oldschool mario games. Just like the old game on the nintendo this online super mario game is great to play and have some fun. There are a lot of levels you can play each in a different world. This is an adventure in which you have to find the end of the level and beat the bosses in the mario world. You can run and jump around with him. You have to collect the star icons and golden coins haning around. Crawl into the green tubes when bumping a special brick (the ones with a question mark) you will receive special powers, so make sure you get them!

If you like to play Mario games online, well then this game is recommended by now gamez to play. It is really one of the best free mario games online to play. Control supermario as usual, just with the arrow keys on the keyboard. Use the space bar to enter and use the up arrow to jump. Each level has a clock ticking so you have to make sure you hurry. All the famous creatures that you will see walking around can be defeated, you can do that by letting Mario jumping on them. But be carefull do not let them touch you, because you can loose a live by that.

Online free super mario games are specially gathered for you on nowgamez to play. Have fun playing one of the best games ever made, control your favorite super hero. Try to defeat the end boss Bowser, he is in his castle so you must use your special skills. Well lets start playing and start this adventure now!

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