American Dirt Bike

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American Dirt Bike

American Dirt Bike is an incredible cool motocross game. In this moto racing game you play the American hero and you must keep control of the motorbike while driving some difficult tracks. You are driving the stunt bike with the statue of liberty in the background. The aim of this game is to finish as fast as possible. In each level there is a timer, the more time that is left, the more points you will score.

There are 7 cool levels in this awesome dirt bike game. If you fall, then you can start again, but the timer continues ticking to zero. So it might happen that the timer has reached zero when you finish, that means no points for you that level. So be careful and do not drive too fast on your dirt bike, that is the best way to score as many points. Some levels are very tricky with steep hills so make sure you do not fall.

Dirtbike games are very nice to play, a lot of kids like them and we at nowgamez are sure you will love this American Dirt-bike game! You will have unlimited number of tries when you accidentally fall. The goal of this game is to reach the end of level 7 so you can enter your highscore and see if you can beat all the other dirt-bike players.

The controls of this online game are easy, just use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Press the UP arrow to accelerate, the Down key to slowdown. You can lean forward using the right key and of course lean back using the left arrow key. If you like playing dirtbike games and motobike games then this is a great game for you to play.

Can you manage to complete all 7 levels? Well hurry up, there is no time to loose. Enjoy and good luck playing this great dirt bike game.

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