Uphill Rush 3

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Uphill Rush 3

Uphill Rush 3 game, this is the newest in the popular online Uphill Rush game series. Like in the other 2 uphill rush games (which are popular on now gamez) this is a great game too. Uphill rush 3 the game consists of some crazy and cool vehicles to do stunts and drive around. In this game there are 15 different looking vehicles you can choose in this uphilrush game. Get your friends and play it together at You should try the inline skates for example, or the monster truck. Or just choose a cool motor cycle, you can even drive on a cow or a horse how crazy is that! In uphil rush 3 it is also possible to create your own outfit too of the character, create zombie to drive with, or an astronaut, a robot or some armyman.

Play uphill rush 3 in various cities around the world, choose from: New York, Paris and Shanghai. Each city level has got 3 difficulty levels you can choose (at now games we recommend to start easy). If you finish a level in these amazing cities you can unlock the more difficult levels in this uphill game. Ther are 2 kinds of game types, there is a time trial (racing against the clock), or choose the race type in that one a computer controlled character is your opponent. In uphillrush3 you never have to be bored again, it has got a lot of things and upgrades to choose from. The game starts with 6 lives for you, if you fall with your bike or crash (for example into a wall) you will loose one life so be carefull.

Like in the previous uphill rush games there are some amazing tracks to drive on, even better quality and features than you are already know of the other uphillrushgames. Drive and jump around in this game, try one of the plenty of loops and ramps. Try to earn money with sunts and jumps to buy new upgrades in the shop. Then you can upgrade your motor cycle and do even better stunts. So buy some awesome upgrade (more than 10 available) and pimp your ride. Earn enough money so you can buy the pimped monster truck or the off road sports car. To drive and jump you should use the arrow keys of your keyboard to conrol your vehicle. If you press the space bar you can jump and by pressing the X key you will get a power boost. We at nowGamez hope you like this kamikaze race game which is a free online racing games no download. Enjoy and play uphill rush 3 now!

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