3D Motorbike Racing

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3D Motorbike Racing

3D Motorbike Racing is a great 3d racing game and it has got all the features to have some fun. The game looks good and it has got a lot of options, what you expect from 3d racing games of course. You can choose to play a single race mode or a multiplayer mode. In the single player mode your opponents are computer racers. In this bike game your goal is to set the fastest time on the track, improve your time each lap. Test your driving skills in this 3d motorbike racing game which is one of the coolest motor games we played at now gamez.

The multiplayer option is fun too if you want to play this game with other players around the world. With this multi player mode you know your opponents are real people so that makes it even nicer. You still have to be the fastest 3d racer on the track to win. Drive on fast motorbikes which you can fully customize in the shop before you start racing. Choose the color of your new bike and many other things you can select to adjust (like helmet, gear and clothing of the player).

First you will start with only 2 tracks, there are many others that you can unlock if you are the fastest racer in this free online racing game. You will notice that in this moto game the motorbikes you can select have their own stats like if it is easy to handle them or how fast they can accelerate etc. Well all we can say at nowgamez: if you are looking for a 3d racing game and you like moto games then you will have some great fun playing this one. This bike game at now gamez is an addictive game with many options. Can you beat the fastest times? Show the other players around the world that you are the fastest driver on your cool motorbike!

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