Delusion Puzzle

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Delusion Puzzle

Delusion Puzzle is an addicting puzzle game. Like this game is how free Puzzle games should be. It is really an awesome illusion game you will love. To play use your computer mouse to move the pieces on the grid, your job is to only leave the purple squares in the grid.

You can move them by clicking the different pieces, you can also change them. For more detailed info see the exact rules in the game itself. Remember that this onlinegame is much harder than you might think. These blocks can swap places and can also change their size and color. All of the pieces on the grid in this addicting puzzle game can also change from one side to the opposite side of the grid, so that is one thing to keep in mind. You can also play it with the keyboard, press the space bar on the keyboard to select the tiles even faster. Then you can press the arrow keys to move these tiles when they are selected.

Play this worlds hardest game now, it will start easy, but the question is, can you complete all stages and difficult levels? This is a puzzle game online that is truly 1 of a kind. There are highscores available for the easy, medium and hard mode which have all 3 levels as well. Mute the sound by pressing the M button, to pause the game press P and the R to reset the game.

This game is brought to you exclusively by also check all our other games too like American Dirt Bike. So do you think this is a simple puzzle game for you? Well think again and show us if you can complete them! Remember, only leave the purple squares in this puzzle.

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