Raze 2 Hacked

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Raze 2 Hacked

This is one of the best online games, raze 2 hacked is about aliens that invaded the planet. In 2108 it happened and a group of elite soldiers was specially trained to defeat them. The code name for this special task force was Raze. In this sequel Raze 2 continious the first game.

In raze2 a zombie virus is spreading and they did not find a cure yet for it. The soldiers that were infected are currently held in stasis, your job is to help to find the cure. Now the aliens have returned without a single warning, we are not sure why. You play a Raze warrior and you have to save the world. This is a very addicting game so hope you got a lot of time. In this 2nd release it has got better graphics and many more cool features.

You can unlock new levels and play in many different levels. Raze 2 hacked is full of combat, try the cheat codes to unlock the levels. In Raze2 hacked the game controls are: WASD keys to walk, press the spacebar to jump. Use the mouse for aiming and shooting. The number keys for other weapons. Have fun, see the in game info for more detailed information.

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