Ironman and Spiderman Animation

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Ironman and Spiderman Animation

Another action hero game, this time a game of Iron Man and Spiderman that are the heroes in this kids game. There are some bad guys that have been disturbing the peace of the land and now it is time for you to help Ironman and Spiderman to stop that mess. You know this hero Ironman from the very popular Iron man 2 and Iron man 3 movie and games, like the Iron man 3 games you can find on

You will be playing first as Ironman who has to stop these evil enemies from causing a big havoc in the big city. However, he can not do that alone and so you will need the help of the famous Spiderman who is always ready to help for the right cause. So it will be a spiderman game too, but the main character will still be for the powerful Iron Man with all his super powers.

This Iron Man gams is animated and full of excitement but mostly you will be watching the movie scenes. It first starts with an animated story and after a while you can take control to defeat the enemy boss. Well anyway, give it a try if you are a fan of Iron Man. Hope you will like this game, good luck playing this browser version which does not require to download it, just sit back and relax.

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