Coal Express 3

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Coal Express 3

Now you can drive this cargo train trough rocky terrains in this Coal Express 3 game. A game in which you can choose upgrades for your train in the special train shop. Buy for example greater balance, or faster acceleration, or increase the top speed. Use the special turbo boost to scale hills even faster with this cool looking coal locomotives. Take a look in the special in game shop where you can buy upgrades.

Drive careful, keep your head on the rails because if you spill any cargo, it will be game over for you. Like all Cargo Game online this is fun and which requires some good skills. Try to finish the tracks in record time so you can unlock more new maps and new trains which are all looking amazing.

The Coal Express 1 and 2 games where very popular, the third release of this train game is even more fun. It is a cool driving game diffent than other, so when you like trains this is a nice game for you. This is a kids game with trains, your job is to drive to the end of all the different level and do not loose the coals. We hope you will like this coal express 3 game, play this game by using the arrow keys. Enjoy it when you are bored at school that way you will have much more fun playing this trains game online!

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