Pizza Truck

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Pizza Truck

This games is called Pizza truck. It is a game in which your important job is to deliver the giant tomatoes, the oversized pieces of cheese and of course the cola to the most famous pizzaria in town! So you need to deliver all these different ingredients to the restaurant and as fast as you can! But be careful, do not let these tomatoes and cheese etc fall out of the back of the big truck. This truckgame will bring you lots of fun, you will have a good time playing it.

All kinds of truck games are popular at the moment, this one is different than the others. But this one can be played by boys and girls. It will be tough job to reach the last level, but you can start over again to try it again, it will be great fun!

In this Pizza truck game you can prove us your pizza-delivery skills. So go and drive this cool pizzatruck in this online game. To steer just use the arrow keys. The game starts while at the pizza restaurant and you must wait for the ingredients to be dropped in the back of your pizzatruck. When these pieces are in the back of your truck, well then you can drive. You will also see the green light as an indicator. So enjoy and have a lot of fun playing this addictive online game. Can you drive careful enought to deliver the cargo on time? Hurry up, the people are hungry and waiting for their pizza?

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